WiFi & LAN Designed for your business

A Small Business network shouldn’t be one-size fits all. Your business is nothing like your neighbors, so why should your network be?

why us?

A modern robust network

Guest Access

Don’t mix work & play, your business data should not be mixed with your clients or guests internet traffic. Provide a secure and separate network for guests to connect to.


Modern networks require modern security. Our devices run 24/7 Network level malware and hacking detection to make sure that your data stays safe and accessible


Need wireless coverage for an entire warehouse? Or hardwired connections for maximum security, we can provide everything needed for the perfect network tailored to your business


We will use our years of industry experience and specialized instruments to make sure the network we install will provide full coverage throughout your property

mobile workflow

Wireless network

We make sure that your network can support multiple wireless devices including a separate employee network only for verified company devices

Ultra speed

High speed Networking

For when wireless doesn’t “cut” it. We can setup up to 10 & 40 gbps  connections to servers and workstations. Recommended for teams working on remote file-servers (Engineering, Video Production etc.)

SECURE Remote access

VPN Access

Make sure that remote workers are able to remote in securely without exposing company assets to 3rd parties. An encrypted connection from remote off-site devices ensures that your data cannot be eavesdropped on by bad actors while it is in transit over the internet.

A network for you

We build a custom solution

 Don’t know where to start? We are here to help you with every step of your network design. Whether you want a completely new network or just want to upgrade certain parts of an existing network, we can help you to create the perfect fit for your business.

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